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Monday, 17 April 2017

Introduction on Character Group of C Language

  • In this language, from A to Z, all letters can be utilised to give instructions. This letter can be both capital letter (A, B, C ....) and small letters (a, b, c ...).
  • When we take a gander at points, it can utilise any digit from 0 to 9.
  • The following is utilised as a part of programming, in unique symbols.
       ~ ‘’ ! @ # % ^ & * ( ) _ - + = { }
       [] :: “ ‘ <> ; . ? /

   Constant, Variables and Keywords

In C language these three are made one after another in order by letters and exceptional symbols. The esteem set under the Constant does not change under any conditions. Or maybe it stays stable. The esteem that is set under it is put away in the computer's memory. Interestingly, store values shift in factor. Factors additionally store the memory of the computer by giving a name like the steady. In the accompanying case, you can comprehend this -

3a + 2b = 25
Here 3, 2 and 25 is Constant, it won't change while a and b are variable and its esteem will change. Along these lines, you have understood the contrast amongst Constant and Variable.

Different Types of Constant
To make programming less demanding in C language, Constant is partitioned into two classifications. This class is beneath

Primary Constant
Secondary Constant

Both of these classes contain distinctive sorts of constants inside them. Under the essential steady, the number constants, the genuine consistent and the character Constant come. Though Constant like Array, Pointer, Structure, Union and Enum under auxiliary steady comes. In the accompanying picture you can understand them well -

Graph –

C  Constants - 
1        Primary  Constants  - Integer ,  Real , Character

2        Secondary Constants   - Array, Pointer, Structure, Union etc..


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